Friday, January 27, 2012

Raw food experience

Right toys have been picked up and put back in the pram and we're back on track to start trying to go raw again. I think the problem last time is my mental attitude was calling it a challenge which it is but that doesn't mean I have to accomplish it all in one go. After having a very informative couple of hours making actually quite tasty food with MT even if the combinations were a bit strange it's left me feeling much more positive about the whole thing and reduced some of the pressure I've put on myself to do it all in one go. Make the small changes and the big changes will follow. I'm not going to beat myself up of I have a piece of cheese or a beer but by the same token I'm trying not to go on carb or alcohol binges as well. The whole raw thing makes a lot of sense (spend a couple of hours with MT an you'll think so too) and actually even with the massive falling off the wagon thing yesterday I've actually lost 8lb which is not that much but again in the grand scheme of things if it makes me healthier it can't be all bad.
So, probably best not to dive head first into it but by making small changes i think we'll get there.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Raw food vegan challenge day 4

That's right I quit! When you start feeling headachey and nauseous that's one thing, but to start throwing up green shit that's quite another all together. I can still write the article from the perspective that I tried it and Mazza has stuck it out for a whole week (probably because she's even more stubborn than I am!) and I will still interview the vegan and learn some recipes but I think that's it for me.
On an unrelated note, why do estate agents have to be such dicks? Is it like a clause in the contract? If they apply for the job and aren't enough of a dick do they have to go to dick training school? Discuss.

Raw food vegan challenge day 3

Today was the worst of all days. I overslept and had to grab a banana for breakfast then had to meet someone in a pub where they were serving food and all I could have was a cup of tea with no milk. Then the raw oatmeal recipe I followed was disgusting and had to be binned as it was inedible swill, I had a lunch of greens, curly kale, rocket, spinach, carrot batons and the red lentil hummous I made which was ok but not satisfying.
I've felt headachey and nauseous all day, the hunger comes on with such force each time that if I'm out in town I honestly feel like I'm going to vomit if I don't get any food and the depressing thought that while yea I can have an apple, it's not going to be as satisfying as having a meatball sub and won't fill me up for as long. Then the little voice inside my head says "oh go on, just have a little sandwich. No one will know" and it takes tremendous will power to shut that voice up and walk past KFC without murdering the next person who comes out of there with a bargain bucket.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Raw food vegan challenge day 1 and 2

Day 1

I start the day with a banana, mango and blueberry smoothie which is actually no different to how I start most days so this is no biggie, it's only after I've been researching raw recipes online all morning and start to get hungry that I realise that I'm going to need a lot more preparation as I've not got anything for lunch or dinner unless I wish to snack on bananas all day. By the time I'm ready to go out into the world I'm already famished and have to snack on some cherries.
Once out I head to holland and Barrett where a spotty teenage boy regrets asking me if I need any help and recoils in horror when I tell him about my raw food challenge. After he's scuttled off to hide in the store room I browse the shelves unsure of what I'm actually allowed to have and whether I can get any of it cheaper in tescos.
I leave the shop having been signed up to the points card system and after purchasing a jar of vegan mayonnaise, some vegan mozzarella and some raw snack bars in a variety of flavours. Again I am so hungry that I crack open the cashew nut one and chow down before I've even pocketed my change. I'm a bit put off by the look and texture of it but it actually doesn't taste that bad.
I run round tescos trying to avoid eye contact with the cheese and trying to ignore the smell of freshly baked bread while I stock up on spinach and salad items and a bit of cous cous for good measure.
Now so hungry I'm actually growling at people, I pay for my shopping and run home to make myself a hearty salad before I kill someone.
The salad actually fills me up so I head to rehearsals for the evening feeling a little bit happier but this is short lived. About an hour into rehearsals the hunger returns in full force. I've found that you don't get slightly hungry first it just comes as a full throttle smack in the face hunger that descends with no warning. I drink some water to see if this helps. It doesn't.
I make someone take me home as the thought of getting two buses with this hunger is too much to bear and I console myself with a nice bowl of cherries. It's not the same as some toast and marmite and I go to bed hungry.

Day 2

Ok new day but still not feeling great about the whole thing. Doesn't help that Mazza is doing the challenge with me for the first seven days and her first diary entry is light and breezy as though she's going to swan through this no problem.
Again I start the day with a banana mango and blueberry smoothie but I put more mango and blueberries in this time. As I'm going out house hunting today I put another snack bar in my bag along with a tub of vegetables containing carrots, baby corn and mange tout drenched in balsamic vinegar as that's the only way to make them palatable when you're in a hurry. Once again when I tell my friend about the challenge he recoils in horror and tells me about the bacon sarnie he had for breakfast while I grind my teeth and stuff my face with carrot batons.
It's on the bus home that the hunger returns and I feel that if I eat another vegetable stick I'm going to kill someone so we have to get off the bus and go to tesco where I stock up on brazil nuts, a pot of pineapple chunks, some oats, honey and some innocent smoothies as I can't wait til I get home to have something, anything!
The smoothie abates my hunger somewhat but it's not satisfying at all. You know when you get hungry when you're out and about and you can deal with it because "it's ok, I'll have some nice hearty beef stew and dumplings when I get home" and you know you'll be satisfied until breakfast in the morning but this hunger is awful because you know that whatever you eat isn't going to fill you up for long and the hunger cycle is going to continue.
I go to the opening show and take my brazil nuts with me to snack on but it's just not the same unless they're covered in chocolate.
Get home to bed just as hungry and miserable. Read Mazzas second diary entry, think she's starting to crack too. The hunger will get you in the end and when do these cravings stop!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The happiest day of my life so far.

Sitting here feeling hungover, desperate for food but the cupboard is bare so I go on to a little site called just eat and discover to my eternal happiness that there is a place in southamptonshire that delivers roast dinners! I shit you not!
Well we had to try it didn't we and this is what turned up...


You might guess that I am a little excited by this. I've been saying for years that someone should deliver good traditional home cooked food. I mean Chinese and Indian and pizza are fine but sometimes you just want a good old pie and chips or roast dinner. And now here it is.
And it was yummy, so good, decent sized portions and very reasonably priced and the food itself comes in awesome biodegradable containers. I think the great British takeaway is my new favourite place.
Unfortunately they only deliver to certain places in Southampton so you have to check their website to see if you can experience gastric heaven yourself!
I wonder if there are any more around England? Just in case. If anyone knows don't keep it to yourself!

Get it here!

Or call them, they are awesome!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Bend over Britain!

I just read in the paper today that Michael Gove wants to give the royals a yacht for their whatever jubilee anniversary. Most people get silverware or a ticket to see Michael Bolton in concert but no, that snivelling brown nosing elitist twat wants to give a yaht. At a time when the British public have been screwed over by bankers, had their money leeched from them by the people elected to look after their best interests (Pah!!) they now want to spend an estimated 60 million on buying a family who probably already have six or seven yachts another one. Other than being quite the present buying faux pas, a bit like buying a newly wed couple a toaster and realising aunts madge already bought them a toaster for their engagement present, it is a massive waste of public money when schools budges are being cut, the nhs is an absolute shambles and doctors are being forced to sell products and services in order to reap a little reward from the coffers. All I can say is thank god Cameron had enough sense to say "easy tiger, not sure that's a good idea seeing as we've already raped the British public for millions already. Let's just go with a big party. You can pay for the buffet".

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Raw food. Madness or a well kept secret

Today I'm sat in a fairly nice b and b having just had a reasonably nice cooked breakfast and I'm contemplating my next challenge. The last challenge worked out to be fairly simple; to find people who had found lasting love online which I started out thinking it was going to be quite difficult but thanks to the wonders of Facebook I managed to find a fair few people that found their special someone through cyberspace. Article written now just waiting to see if the editor of the magazine likes it! To distract myself from thinking about this I've started researching my next challenge. Raw food diets. What are they? What makes people change over to raw food diets and what changes do they bring to your body and mind. I read one blog by some guy named steve. He's a self professed expert on health and peace of mind. A self made rich man (I can't say millionaire as I'm not certain that he is) a man that writes self help articles that I'm sure countless gullible people around the world read and go "oh he's so clever" quit their job and end up living on a friends sofa because they just didn't think this through. And no before you ask I did not read his article before I jacked in my job and went to live on my friends sofa but maybe if I had, things would be going better. Or maybe they wouldn't. Who knows. Anyway back to the point. Steve did the raw food diet challenge for thirty days and reported feeling awful for the first two weeks, headaches, nausea, cramps, difficulty concentrating etc but then after two weeks his body became accustomed to it and he started being able to function better, better mental clarity, he could do progressively more sit ups (he went from being able to do 5 then 7 then a whopping 28 sit ups) whoah. Easy there steve, you don't want to give yourself a hernia!
As you can see, as a dedicated meat eater, I am sceptical about the whole idea. I don't see how living off vegetable and plant matter exclusively can be good for you but in the name of curiosity I'm willing to give it a go. Now, I was going to try it for 14 days but if steve reckons it takes two weeks for the initial shock of not eating cooked food or meat then I guess I'm going to have to rise to the challenge and do thirty days. So if any raw foodies out there want to give me some hints and tips and nice tasting recipes (Steve's banana, spinach and water smoothie sounded less than appetising) please drop me a line and if you see me during February looking lost, confused and famished please take pity on me and give me some organic chocolate or just wrap me in a blanket in front of a few episodes of big bang theory.
•roast dinner

•being off my face without the use of narcotics
•the weight loss
• I think that's about it. I'll let you know if anything wondrous occurs.

Oh and it would be a big help if during that time you didn't offer me any of my favourite food especially cheese unless you want to see a grown woman cry.