Tuesday, August 20, 2013

scary times a coming

Hello again! I feel like I'm always apologising for being a bad blogger but sometimes life gets too hectic. Entirely my own fault, for some reason drama seems to follow me!
So, I'm still in Glasgow and on Friday morning I will leave the safety of my hotel room to go back packing (OK driving but camping) round Scotland. Little bit apprehensive about this but its only for around 16 days and I guess I can always check in to another hotel if it all becomes a bit much. So taking the leap into the unknown is a scary prospect which leads nicely on to my news......
There are exciting things happening in my life right now and in a way I kind of have Marian whore face to thank. I mean, if she hadn't screwed me over I wouldn't now be in a position to do all this travelling that I've been doing. Although I would have rather have my cat obviously but if you're ever going to create a silver lining from a crappy situation, now would be an ideal time!
A wise man once told me to always do the things that scare you the most as that's when you have the best experiences and your life will never be boring. I've got to say, he was not wrong. Its getting a little easier as time goes on but the first step (getting dress and quitting my jb ) was probably one of the scariest things I've done but amongst all the crap that's happened, some truly amazing things have happened. I've found out that my friends are the most important people in my life and can totally handle a freak out among other things.
The trip to Scotland has been amazing so far as well, I did something I'd never done before, eat by myself in a restaurant which was terrifying but totally liberating. I've embraced my inner hippy and bought a moon cup ( more on that later once I've tried it out more), I've become vegetarian (I can hear Tim snort with laughter at that one!) But it just felt like the right thing to be doing not only from an animal rights point of view but from a health point of view also. More on that if that pans out too! But by far the most exciting thing to happen so far is two, count em, two opportunities to go abroad to exotic places! I know, opportunities like buses hey?! So anyway the first one was an ad I answered to go and help animal aid in India. They do amazing work giving veterinary treatment to stray animals and the second opportunity is a job in the Cayman islands. I know right?! The bloody Caribean! So whatever happens I'll be jetting off somewhere exciting at the end of October.
I'll keep you posted on that one too.
So, jealous of you going to Canada Marian? No because I'll be having my own adventures and I didn't need to trample all over someone's life to have them which makes me feel a whole lot better about everything.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Single girl and dog.

Now then, I would like to apologise for the one woman pity party I embarked on in my last post but if you can't have a minor breakdown in front of friends every now and then, well I don't know what the world is coming to. Anyway, I have gotten over myself, did the France thing for a bit which I will tell you about another time and have arrived in Glasgow on my mission to discover dog friendly places. The story so far.....

Travelling as a single female can occasionally be quite daunting but travelling with a dog on your own can throw out a whole new set of problems.
As a locum veterinary nurse, I travel up and down the country for work with my trusty sidekick, the blind, one eyed jack russell otherwise known as Ringo.
At the moment I am saving up to buy a camper van so the question of accommodation will be solved when on my travels but until then I have to rely on finding dog friendly accommodation and places to go especially when the weather is too hot to leave Ringo in the car (which he seems to love for some reason).

At the moment I am in Glasgow working for the Glasgow university small animal hospital and they have put me up in the ibis budget hotel which is not as horrendous as it sounds. The rooms are nice and bright, has a window that opens, TV, passable wifi and a shower and toilet in the room. They do charge a £5.00 supplement to have the dog but I don't begrudge paying that if it means I can have my best friend with me. The staff are nice and friendly but not overly in your face and the reception is open 24 hours a day. They will even cook you pizza when you roll in at 1am drunk as a skunk. So I've heard....

The selection of food available is not amazing but it's a budget hotel so what do you expect? But on the plus side they do sell alcohol and chocolate and there is an array of restaurants within the complex should you wish to venture out for food. Now, if you are travelling alone with your trusty sidekick and you fancy a spot of lunch in the sunshine I would steer clear of Frankie and Benny's in Springfield quay. I was turned away from their outside seating area because I had Ringo in tow even though I could see that they had let children into the restaurant who (in my opinion) are just as smelly and germ ridden as my four legged friend and about a hundred times more noisy. Hardly conducive to a relaxing dining experience. Thus rebuffed we went across the street to the Harvester where I dined on an adequate meal of fish and chips and Ringo sat quietly under my chair occupying himself with a dentastix.

The area surrounding the ibis budget hotel is not lush green fields to walk your furry friend but it is enjoyable to wander along the river Clyde and cross the bridge into town to see the Duke of Wellington statue complete with traffic cone proudly atop his head. Having said that, there is plenty of space to go for a late evening, pre bedtime wee walk with the pooch and several of the restaurants (chiefly the Harvester and Papa Tony's) offer take out menus that can be enjoyed within the comfort of your hotel room. Crolla's ice cream parlour also does pretty awesome coffee and ice cream.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The best laid plans and all that

Having just read my last post I'm struck by how different things actually are now.
Now, I know you're not supposed to write these things when you're emotional and having just been informed that I've lost my grandad I'd say that my better judgement is telling me to put the phone down (as always, writing this on an iPhone) and go for a nice walk somewhere. The only thing is that after getting the ferry to st Malo in France and hiking all the way to the campsite with my backpack that was starting to resemble several baby elephants in weight and finding it closed, ringing a taxi to take me to the other campsite which was miles in the other direction to have the taxi driver say it's closed (even though when I checked the website it said it was open year round but then again so did the first one) so I ask the taxi driver to take me to a cheap hotel which he does although I wouldn't call 35 euros a night for somewhere that doesn't have a toilet or a shower in the room cheap but there we go. Plus this hotel is miles out from the historic centre of st Malo and is in the middle of an industrial estate I've got to say that my patience which is never been my strong point anyway is stretched to breaking point. Coupled with the fact that every time I leave the hotel I am confronted by actual open mouth staring from virtually everyone. Now I know that by having pink dreds I probably invited it but seriously, have none of these people ever seen a hippy before seeing as they live in a tourist area?! Rude bastards.
This gets me to my point. I actually haven't forgiven Marian for what she's done. If it wasn't for her I would be living somewhere quite happily and I wouldn't have been forced to give up my animals. The one I'm most upset about is my cat Edward who had to go to the cats protection when she made me homeless.
This is what actually happened and Marian, if by any chance you do read this, by way of apology if you could just wipe yourself off the planet like the stain that you are that would probably save a lot of people a lot of heartache and STDs.
When Marian's wife had enough of Marian screwing everyone else in a five mile radius she understandably got upset and from what Marian says went off on one (but we have since realised that Marian will lie to make people feel sorry for her and get what she wants) so like a mug I let her stay in my conservatory while she sorted herself out. Meanwhile my housemate was moving out so I asked Marian if she wanted to move in as there was about four months left on the tenancy agreement. She agreed and life seems good, we get on alright apart from when she has very loud porn star sex sessions all night. The only concern I had was that she said she couldn't sign a tenancy agreement from the letting agent as her credit rating was dire so she'd need a guarantor and she also didn't have the money to pay the agency fees involved. Ok said I. That's fine (idiot! But then you don't expect someone you've known for about twelve years and helped put a roof over their head to screw you over so badly) but I told her that if she was going to go it would have to be at the end of a tenancy agreement as I couldn't afford the place by myself. I made this very clear. I could not afford the place by myself. So, when the tenancy agreement was coming to an end I started looking for somewhere to live that I could afford by myself and I remember coming home and telling the whore that I'd found somewhere really cheap and would she be ok. She replied (and these were her exact words) "if you move out, I'm screwed, I've got nowhere else to go" exact words. Now being a good friend (and I used to be a lovely person before I started hating and mistrusting everyone) I said why don't we sign for another six months? She said that would help a lot so it was agreed that we would stay for another six months. I told her in no uncertain terms that she must stay for six months as again, I could not afford that place on my own. This was agreed and everything carried on until three months in she says "by the way I'm going to Canada"
Oh lovely, I think, you could do with a holiday, you've gone through the mill a bit until she says she's going for three months. Er....hang on where does that leave me? Up shit creak actually. She says she'll pay until the end of December. Does that happen? No. She says she'll help find someone else to move in. Does this happen? No. What happens is she gradually moves all the stuff she wants to keep out and leaves the key at the bottom of the stairs and fucks off. On my birthday no less. Yeah. Thanks for everything you've done for me ally, happy birthday and fuck you.
So begins the task of finding someone who wants to move in over the Christmas period and cancelling all the holiday I had booked just so I can work to try and pay for the place until I find someone. I rehome two cats and my snakes as I just can't afford them and I'm trying desperately to keep Edward (my number one cat as I'd had him the longest and he was my boy) and Ringo the dog. The day arrives when I have to tell the letting agent if I want to carry on the contract and I have to tell them no. Only trouble is, I have to give two months notice to move out. I struggle on trying to cope with the added financial burden but in the end have to write to the letting agent to ask if they can find someone to move in earlier as I just can't afford it. To their credit they do and I can move out but all of this has meant that I have no money for a new deposit so I am homeless until I can save that. Now is the time that my beloved cat Edward had to go to the cats protection for rehoming and my poor blind little pirate dog had to go and live with the parents who as much as they like him, he is an annoyance to them. I hope you're proud of yourself Marian.
So I tell myself that I can turn this around, I can make something positive come from this. I have no animals anymore, no responsibility so lets go travelling. Which is how come I'm sat in a dingy hotel room being stared at by the locals feeling that no vengeance is ever going to be enough for what that girl has put me through. How my trust in people has been forever diminished because she had to go and fuck this guy in Canada and couldn't wait three measley months to do it. That's why I'm here and not at home with my beautiful boys.
So no, I have not forgiven her.
Lets hope some of the art in Paris reminds me of the beauty in the world because from where I'm standing its pretty hard to see.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where in the world is ally?

Good question!
Currently I am in the sunny paradise of Bognor Regis working in a practice where the majority of the staff are lovely, two vets have the ole god complex going on which is hilarious but other than that they are all supremely nice people. And how did we end up here you may ask.
Well, suffice to say that when you do someone a favour, cover your own ass. You wouldn't think that someone you've known for twelve years would selfishly ruin your life as you know it but you'd be wrong. I've worked through the anger here so I no longer want to kill the evil cunt (sorry but no other word does her justice) but I'm just putting it to the universe that if she gets mauled by a bear, gets ravaged by an STD or liver disease or gets stabbed in the face with a chainsaw and set on fire it wouldn't be the worst thing. So here I am making the best out of a bad situation having been forced to give up my home and my beloved animals and finally doing the travelling that I've always wanted to. Ok so I know Bognor probably isn't the best place to start but it was somewhere with accommodation where I could hole up until the proper travelling begins!
I also just wanted to say that during this supremely difficult time my friends have been utterly amazing and I certainly wouldn't have been able to get through it without them. Ailsa has been fantastic bringing me cheese and cider and ruining me on some nights. Gemma and Tim have both listened to me whinge on about aforementioned evil bitch plus the mysterious disappearing Scottish bastard boyfriend. Plus Tim and his poor housemate have put up with me sleeping on his giant beanbag (no that's not a euphemism!) and Jina who has let me crash at hers and given general good times. To Marc and Nathan who fed me on Christmas Day and how fiercely loyal Nathan is to have offered to take out evil bitch with a claw hammer. Not to mention everyone who fed me and bought me drinks during the dark times, you are all wonderful human beings and I love the arses off all of ya!
So that's enough of the awards ceremony speech! On with the purpose of this and that's to actually get my plans out there in the world so that I don't chicken out! Next stop is hopefully Liverpool so that I can earn some serious moolah to go travelling for a decent length of time but I'll have to see where the work is so I'll keep you posted. For now though its Bognor for the next week and then back to Southampton for a Tarantino party while I figure out the next move. Thailand is on the cards (scary!) and I have even applied for my passport and had my passport photos taken which make me look a little bit like a hippy convict. No you can't see them!
So that's all from me at the minute, I'm off to research my new tattoo!

Monday, September 17, 2012

For Wayne.

2 years ago today a truly beautiful soul was taken from us by a selfish bitch with no regard for human life.
My friend Wayne was the most caring, honest and friendly person you could ever hope to meet and I miss him every single day.
He always was and he always will be a source of inspiration to me and each time I come across someone who treats me badly or hurts me or one of my friends I'm always left with the same thought "why couldn't it have been you? Why did such a beautiful soul have to go and leave you here if you're not going to help make the world a better place?"
This probably makes me a horrible person to wonder such a thing as no one should wish another person dead right? But how can one person, a person who once chased a bus to give a stranger back their wallet they had left, how can that person be the right one to take and leave so many evil souls behind? I don't get it.
For all of us who knew Wayne, we're the lucky ones. We get to carry his memory with us always and remember the infectious laugh and random sayings. I feel sorry for anyone who never met him, your life will never be as bright as mine and even though the candle is gone, the light will always shine forever in our hearts.
On this day and every day in fact I miss you and at the risk of sounding like a bad celine dion song: I will always love you, you smelly hippy.
For my friend
Wayne Moores.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Gotta love the cheese!

So those of you that know me know that I love my cheese. It's just a statement of fact like saying that all politicians are soulless thieves or that the bible was a series of bedtime stories written to keep the minds of impressionable children in line and in their place. So when my friend (let's call him roger) suggested we go to a real west country cheese festival you can imagine that I was as excited as Gary glitter at a nativity play.
Oh, and just so you know, I changed the names of the people in this because I didn't ask their permission but most of this actually did happen apart from the bits I like to fabricate for dramatic effect. It's my blog, I'll do what I like!
Anyway, I'd arranged to get a lift with another friend (let's call her Rachel) the night before so that we could all get up nice and early to give us maximum cheese festivaling opportunity. We should have known that as soon as we stopped in tescos for a few nibbles and came out with a couple of bottles of vodka, some cider and three bottles of pink wine that we were heading for trouble.
So we get to rogers house who is by now bouncing off the walls because we're late and the drinking commences. Now, I'm not going to go into everything that happened that night for the main reason that some members of my family actually read this (knew I should have made this anonymous!) but suffice to say we're all that little bit closer now and the birds were starting to sing by the time we all collapsed into bed.
Now seeing as one of rogers friends had said that he would come and pick us up to go to the cheese festival, we had to be out of bed by 10am and ready by 11. This is not a problem for roger who is like road runner on speed but Rachel and I sleep on unaware of rogers preparations.
At around roughly 10.30, I am nudged gently awake by a metallic feeling somewhere between my eyes and the tip of my nose so one eye flips lazily open while the other tries to remain in the land of nod for just a bit longer. The first eye can't really compute what it's seeing so elbows the second eye into consciousness whilst frog marching brain into gear as it appears that I am staring into the yawning maw of a double barrelled shotgun. This is the reason I am telling you this story, the cheese was just a ruse for this is the first and hopefully only time I will be awakened in this way.
As the sleep clears from my eyes and brain, I follow the line of sight up the gun where roger is stood, beaming from ear to ear, fag dangling from the corner of his mouth (for the American readers I do mean a hand rolled cigarette not a small gay man although that may give a certain visual something to the story), wearing a deep pocketed green wax Barbour jacket over the tiniest pair of underpants with a fur lined deer hunter hat complete with moose horns on his head.
"D'ya think I'll fit in?" he asks removing the gun from my face and drawing in on his fag, "or should I wear a smock?"

Now I know I said that I do sometimes fabricate for dramatic effect but that actually did happen and is pretty much the reason for the whole blog post but if you really want to know about the cheese festival well, it was alright. The sun was shining, there was cheese, there was cider with the obligatory small fly and pieces of grass floating around in the bottom of the glass, there were bales of hay and a punch and judy. Can't go wrong with that now can you?

Oh and roger didn't wear his gun toting country bumpkin outfit or his smock thankfully as judging by the rest of the festival goers he would have stood out like a sore thumb.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anyone but me

Anyone but me

PS: A song what I wrote.
(two posts in one day! I think I need a lie down)