Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where in the world is ally?

Good question!
Currently I am in the sunny paradise of Bognor Regis working in a practice where the majority of the staff are lovely, two vets have the ole god complex going on which is hilarious but other than that they are all supremely nice people. And how did we end up here you may ask.
Well, suffice to say that when you do someone a favour, cover your own ass. You wouldn't think that someone you've known for twelve years would selfishly ruin your life as you know it but you'd be wrong. I've worked through the anger here so I no longer want to kill the evil cunt (sorry but no other word does her justice) but I'm just putting it to the universe that if she gets mauled by a bear, gets ravaged by an STD or liver disease or gets stabbed in the face with a chainsaw and set on fire it wouldn't be the worst thing. So here I am making the best out of a bad situation having been forced to give up my home and my beloved animals and finally doing the travelling that I've always wanted to. Ok so I know Bognor probably isn't the best place to start but it was somewhere with accommodation where I could hole up until the proper travelling begins!
I also just wanted to say that during this supremely difficult time my friends have been utterly amazing and I certainly wouldn't have been able to get through it without them. Ailsa has been fantastic bringing me cheese and cider and ruining me on some nights. Gemma and Tim have both listened to me whinge on about aforementioned evil bitch plus the mysterious disappearing Scottish bastard boyfriend. Plus Tim and his poor housemate have put up with me sleeping on his giant beanbag (no that's not a euphemism!) and Jina who has let me crash at hers and given general good times. To Marc and Nathan who fed me on Christmas Day and how fiercely loyal Nathan is to have offered to take out evil bitch with a claw hammer. Not to mention everyone who fed me and bought me drinks during the dark times, you are all wonderful human beings and I love the arses off all of ya!
So that's enough of the awards ceremony speech! On with the purpose of this and that's to actually get my plans out there in the world so that I don't chicken out! Next stop is hopefully Liverpool so that I can earn some serious moolah to go travelling for a decent length of time but I'll have to see where the work is so I'll keep you posted. For now though its Bognor for the next week and then back to Southampton for a Tarantino party while I figure out the next move. Thailand is on the cards (scary!) and I have even applied for my passport and had my passport photos taken which make me look a little bit like a hippy convict. No you can't see them!
So that's all from me at the minute, I'm off to research my new tattoo!

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