Monday, September 17, 2012

For Wayne.

2 years ago today a truly beautiful soul was taken from us by a selfish bitch with no regard for human life.
My friend Wayne was the most caring, honest and friendly person you could ever hope to meet and I miss him every single day.
He always was and he always will be a source of inspiration to me and each time I come across someone who treats me badly or hurts me or one of my friends I'm always left with the same thought "why couldn't it have been you? Why did such a beautiful soul have to go and leave you here if you're not going to help make the world a better place?"
This probably makes me a horrible person to wonder such a thing as no one should wish another person dead right? But how can one person, a person who once chased a bus to give a stranger back their wallet they had left, how can that person be the right one to take and leave so many evil souls behind? I don't get it.
For all of us who knew Wayne, we're the lucky ones. We get to carry his memory with us always and remember the infectious laugh and random sayings. I feel sorry for anyone who never met him, your life will never be as bright as mine and even though the candle is gone, the light will always shine forever in our hearts.
On this day and every day in fact I miss you and at the risk of sounding like a bad celine dion song: I will always love you, you smelly hippy.
For my friend
Wayne Moores.

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