Tuesday, August 20, 2013

scary times a coming

Hello again! I feel like I'm always apologising for being a bad blogger but sometimes life gets too hectic. Entirely my own fault, for some reason drama seems to follow me!
So, I'm still in Glasgow and on Friday morning I will leave the safety of my hotel room to go back packing (OK driving but camping) round Scotland. Little bit apprehensive about this but its only for around 16 days and I guess I can always check in to another hotel if it all becomes a bit much. So taking the leap into the unknown is a scary prospect which leads nicely on to my news......
There are exciting things happening in my life right now and in a way I kind of have Marian whore face to thank. I mean, if she hadn't screwed me over I wouldn't now be in a position to do all this travelling that I've been doing. Although I would have rather have my cat obviously but if you're ever going to create a silver lining from a crappy situation, now would be an ideal time!
A wise man once told me to always do the things that scare you the most as that's when you have the best experiences and your life will never be boring. I've got to say, he was not wrong. Its getting a little easier as time goes on but the first step (getting dress and quitting my jb ) was probably one of the scariest things I've done but amongst all the crap that's happened, some truly amazing things have happened. I've found out that my friends are the most important people in my life and can totally handle a freak out among other things.
The trip to Scotland has been amazing so far as well, I did something I'd never done before, eat by myself in a restaurant which was terrifying but totally liberating. I've embraced my inner hippy and bought a moon cup ( more on that later once I've tried it out more), I've become vegetarian (I can hear Tim snort with laughter at that one!) But it just felt like the right thing to be doing not only from an animal rights point of view but from a health point of view also. More on that if that pans out too! But by far the most exciting thing to happen so far is two, count em, two opportunities to go abroad to exotic places! I know, opportunities like buses hey?! So anyway the first one was an ad I answered to go and help animal aid in India. They do amazing work giving veterinary treatment to stray animals and the second opportunity is a job in the Cayman islands. I know right?! The bloody Caribean! So whatever happens I'll be jetting off somewhere exciting at the end of October.
I'll keep you posted on that one too.
So, jealous of you going to Canada Marian? No because I'll be having my own adventures and I didn't need to trample all over someone's life to have them which makes me feel a whole lot better about everything.