Saturday, February 25, 2012

Live and unsigned!!!!

Well fuck me sideways with a barge pole, I've only gone and got through to the regional finals of the live and unsigned completion!
To say I was surprised would have been the biggest understatement of the year!
I got to the competition and it was like a scene from fame, punked out by ashton kutcher. Kids and adults of all ages some rocking awesome tattoos, one with a sunflower tattoo and an awesome Mohawk and me.
I tell you I almost gave up and went home at that point. Sitting there surrounded by people playing guitar way better than I could ever dream of playing and guys singing melodies so beautiful that Ed Sheeran would have been sobbing into his shandy I thought "what the hell am I doing here?" I had no idea what I was going to sing, no idea if my guitar was still in tune or even if I'd remembered packing my capo. Just as I was about to stand up and go home the pretty ginger lady with the clipboard called my name and I sidled over sheepishly.
"hello" I said sounding like Martha from spaced. All efficient, she hustled me and two other guys through to some sort of holding pen where in some bizarre twist of new torture there was a tv screen where you could watch the acts performing on stage.
There were three girls on stage when I entered and all of them had such amazing voices that I would have turned and run then except the little guy who looked a but like a hamster was leading us up to wait by the side of the stage and then shoving us in front of our respective microphones.
Well, this is it I thought. May as well choose a song to sing. There and then, on the spot I chose the cup of tea song and let her rip.
Amazingly people were smiling and tapping along so it wasn't too bad but then the next two guys performed and I thought ah well, that's that then. They were amazing!
We got off stage and another guy with a clipboard said he'd come and find us if we got through and I seriously considered leaving then and there thinking there was no way I've gotten through but I took a seat cos ultimately I'm a good girl and have to do as I'm told. Clipboard guy came over ten minutes later and called my name and as he wasn't carrying any bits of paper I thought he had the thanks but no thanks speech all prepared but no! He said congratulations; you're through. I looked at him blankly for what seemed like hours as though he was talking to me in Japanese and before I knew it I was filling in my form and agreeing to come to the regional finals on the 22 April.
Well, that's pretty much the whole of the story but the ride has only just begun. I need people to come and support me at the regional finals, make banners, wear t shirts that kind of thing so if you love me at all in the slightest please come and show your support on the 22 April! Crikey!

Friday, February 3, 2012

A piece about on line dating

This is a piece I wrote about online dating and published by Gallery magazine. Very exciting.

Rad my article! You know you want to

Very short blog post I know but the article is there. What more could you want?