Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Way too cold!

Very short post today as I start work in about 13 minutes but what is going on with this snow? I mean I moved to the new homestead believing it to be milder if not warmer and now we're getting more snow than where I came from? What is up with that?
I know everyone says "oh snow is pretty" but I live on the top of a big hill so if I gets too bad, I'm stuck at work which is going to suck by anyones standards unless you work in a chocolate and Baileys factory, then it would be awesome. Although you would have to shoot the boss if he said you weren't allowed to eat/drink the produce cos hey, that's two perks right?!
I am kidding, I wouldn't really shoot anyone.
Anyway, off to the grindstone. Might do more later but it's really hard to keep up with a blog when you don't have a computer....

Well hello there

Ok, I know I'm probably about 5 years behind on the blog front but I have decided to create my own. The plan is to amuse you with the humdrum of my life and post things that will make you laugh, cry or just shake your head and smirk with benusement. I don't know if I can do it but at least I will have tried.
I have decided to dedicate the first post to a friend of mine called Wayne Moores or "Mooresboy" or "Wayne Wrongun Moores"
Wayne was one of lifes good people. He was a true free spirit and touched so many people in his life. In a way it seems that he led many lives packed into one and he becomes a true inspiration because of that. He always had a smile, a joke or a story to tell and he was always up for an adventure.
Wayne was killed on the 18th September 2010 aged just 28 and the gap he has left behind will never ever be filled. He was killed by a woman driving under the influence who has now claimed that she has no memory of the incident. This woman has no idea of the many lives that she ripped apart when she made the desicion to get into her car after having a skinful of booze. She only has to live with the guilt that comes from murdering a person she doesn't know nor will ever know now. She doesn't have to try and fill the void left by this wonderful man and she will never know the grief that comes with knowing that he is gone. His parents have had the awful task of burying their son and his friends have to come to terms with the fact that his smile has been erased from this world only to be seen again in the next.
I hope that anyone reading this will think twice before drinking and driving. It used to seem like we would all go on forever, that we would always be a part of one anothers life but this tragedy has shown me how much my friends mean to me and how we should grab life with both hands before some idiot takes it away from us.
Rest in peace Wayne. "This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you"
Sorry to the others in the pic, hope you don't mind. No one reads this anyway!